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Kickstarter Secrets
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A book of practical crowdfunding tips from the writer of Code Monkey Save World and The Princess Who Saved Herself

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$11,892.00 / 609 backers
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Estimated Shipping Date: October 2016
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Kickstarter Secrets PDF
A book of practical crowdfunding tips from Greg Pak, the writer of the record-breaking Kickstarte... more »
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Code Monkey Save World Paperback
The acclaimed graphic novel written by Greg Pak, based on the songs of internet superstar musicia... more »
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ABC Disgusting Hardcover
The 36 page hardcover of the ABC DISGUSTING children's alphabet book written by Greg Pak with art... more »
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Princess Who Saved Herself Hardcover
The hardcover of the 32 page children's book based on the song by Jonathan Coulton. Written by Gr... more »